Groomington believes that pets are part of the family and should be included in the fun and celebrations in everyday life. Our commitment to uncompromising quality nourishes the soul with our uniquely crafted treats and exceptionally delicious goodies for pets. With that in mind, everything Groomington Eats does has your pet’s happiness in mind.

Groomington was founded in 2010 by a 23-year-old girl, a Jeep and a whole lot of ambition. Cait Lauria, Groomington’s CEO and founder, decided one day that she was going to take a leap of faith and do what she has always wanted, start her own business. With a tub in her trunk, Cait would drive from client to client grooming pets in client’s yards and homes slowly building up clientele through the birth of Groomington Coat Factory. In January 2011, our first mobile grooming unit, was purchased from a top-of-the-line manufacturer in Indiana. With a little advertising and a lot of client referrals, Groomington Coat Factory continued to grow quickly.
After several years of pampering pups through her grooming company, Cait Lauria partnered with her husband, Sergey Roginsky, and created Groomington Eats.

Inspired by their own pet’s health and unique personalities, as well as Cait’s profound love of cookies and donuts, Cait and Sergey embarked on the adventure to create award winning treats for all pets alike. They developed a full line of beautifully decorated, healthy and creative treats. Incorporating new components to the company such as a traveling food truck for dogs and monthly subscription boxes, Groomington Eats, much like its predecessor Groomington Coat Factory, continued to quickly grow. Taking pride in knowing that every day, every week and every month parents are creating deep connections with their pets by providing them healthy and fun products that pet’s love!

Whether it’s a ‘Happy Birthday/Gotcha Day” or a simple “I love You,” let Groomington Eats be a part of your pet’s life!

Groomington Eats
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